A message from Solalita

Inarguably, the Coronavirus pandemic is a vital concern. By this time, Solalita has not encountered any significant issues, but there is no doubt that the situation is dynamic and that the supervision and direction from Government and appropriate authorities are being updated regularly.

Currently, we are continuing to undertake our core business from our offices and will proceed to do so whilst it is deemed sensible and safe. However, we are in the process of planning and testing broad tactics to proceed to trade safely in the event of this no longer being possible.

Rest assured that whilst we are striving to stay serving the needs of our Clients and Candidates, Solalita’ overwhelming focus in these challenging circumstances is to secure the protection of our Clients, Candidates, Suppliers, and Staff and this will be our major emphasis.

We are certain but non-complacent that we can deal with the challenges ahead. We will remain closely monitoring the developments and will aim to act instantly, efficiently, and in the best interest of our Clients, Candidates, Suppliers, and Staff.

If you have additional inquiries, kindly communicate with your contact at Solalita or email me at info@solalita.com. On account of everyone at Solalita, we are hopeful that all of you, your associates, and your friends and families remain healthy and safe through this tough time.