We understand the importance of good relationships in all contexts and see the connection between your company’s value base and quality of delivered product. A prosperous organization provides incredible opportunities for creative and amazing collaborations. Not being the biggest in the market gives us the opportunity to be personal and nurture the relationships between us and our customers.

The customer service of the future now
In a world where individual customer experience can quickly reach thousands and spread globally, customer service can either be a competitive advantage or an obstacle to growth. With growing consumer power, higher demands are placed on transparency, simplicity, and service. Together we create the right conditions for positive customer experience in every situation.

We are experts in customer service and offer flexible solutions through outsourcing. With our solid experience, we easily tailor solutions that fit your needs with a focus on improving quality and efficiency in the business, which strengthens the brand and increases customer loyalty. Our goal is for you to feel completely confident that we take care of your customers in the best way.

We work with clients in B2B and B2C in a variety of industries. Read more about our services and how we help you succeed by creating the customer service of the future!

Scalable solution with a focus on quality and delivery

In order to become competitive, many organizations have realized that the best result is not achieved by owning the entire production chain – but on the contrary. Outsourcing makes your business more flexible and cost effective. Fixed costs are transformed into variable costs, which can help lower the company’s costs and create scalability based on actual needs.

Through outsourcing, the organization outsources parts of its operations to experts in the field. In simple terms; You focus on your core business and let us take care of what we are best at.

Benefits of outsourcing via Solalita


We have solid expertise in different markets and areas, as well as a versatile experience of different types of outsourcing customers. The starting point for each outsourcing is to map the current business and create sustainable development plans. Outsourcing benefits are created through a common focus on development.


One of the main advantages of outsourcing is that costs become transparent, clear and predictable. Even large variations in needs and seasonality can be managed without increased unit costs through outsourcing.

Customer-focused partnerships

Trust and innovation are the basic prerequisites of our outsourcing business. Through strong and long-term customer relationships, we can promise a model for continuous development even for new customers. We have created various development forums and integrated them as part of our daily operations.

Outsourcing of Customer Service via Solalita

At Solalita, we are professionals in customer communication and creating added value in every contact. We have the expertise, methods and technology required to create new and greater values for our clients.


We are channel independent and have experience in handling all the different parts that are part of a modern customer service. In addition, we have the courage to develop our partnerships through processes and technology to create sustainable solutions for the future customer service.

Responsibility regardless of sourcing model

Regardless of the sourcing model, we take responsibility for creating the right solution based on your unique needs and conditions. We deliver high-quality customer service in our own service centers or in our clients’ premises. It may also include a business transfer or the solution is a combination of all available options.

The customer service of the future – Automation, RPA, and AI

Together with our clients, we have developed and created a number of projects using RPA technology to handle a large number of transactions in a qualitative and secure manner.