Customer service on Social Media?

Social Media is a platform that caters to a broad number of customers.

Back then, channels for customer service were via phone call, email, and chat through the system but with the modernization of technology and the evolution of business, social media has become a marketing tool that can also be used to provide customer service to the clients.

Why is it important to provide customer service using social media platforms? Here are the following reasons:

  1. Engaging with customers. Almost all the people all over the world have at least one social media account that becomes easier for them to access your customer support anywhere they are through the use of social media. It will not be a burden anymore for them to wait for a long queue over the phone only to be disconnected at the end.
  2. Let you hear the feedback from your customers. Customers’ feedback is very important to improve your services and products. It is easier for them and most of the time they give it voluntarily. Through this, you can easily make adjustments to improve your customers’ satisfaction.
  3. Control over negative and positive comments. Comments of your customers’ can be easily seen through social media. However, you can control it by responding appropriately. Issues can also be addressed publicly or privately if needed. This can build trust because of transparency that can lead to customers’ satisfaction.

Social Media is a powerful platform that can be used differently. A company should know how to control and use it effectively by promoting your brand and keeping your engagement to your customers.



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